The BLAM Heard 'Round The World|Bonnaroo 2013 Lineup

On Tues (February 19), in an exceedingly real effort to bring productivity to a screeching halt work (and provide some comic [*fr1] dismissed reason to shower), disclosed Bonnaroo 2013 lineup set not by the normal announcement, however lives - flow thingy telethon, broadcast, weird funny generally command by weird Al Yankovic and lighted by Fritz Lang ghost.

yes, live streaming - formally dubbed megathon Bonnaroo lineup announcement (or blam for max hashtaggery) - as a matter in fact, the experiment outside-the-box mounted marked improvement from time to time that Bonnaroo set to reveal his lineup via myspace (over due doesn't take seven hours). revealing moment wasn't universally praised, no one denies that blam extremely work, because the discussion regarding broadcast (and lineup) dominate twitter for on a daily basis, and really narrowly bring net to its knees.

of course, I see an entire disclosed, and not simply because i really like Bonnaroo (they let Maine borrow their whirlybird one year). no, i am curious to visualize however this will be the manner an honest whole. and since I don't have the supplementary sensible to try and do, I build daily entries blam manner 1st.

12: seventeen et: I forget the primary sight of live streaming (where they show highlights from bonnaroos at first) to urge lunch. i'm a real skilled. the most issue is, after I listened additional, phish taking part in possum, referred to as a pass trope for the way I conceive to avoid a true job throughout consequent 2 hours.

12: 30: bon iver particularly associate michicant. Michi-I can't with this beau.

12: 41: Metallica cowl their 2008 headlining cluster to search out and let it soften. James Hetfield need crowd - and, I guess, I - what is thus good? i believe maybe snarky answers, live streaming pc craps out on Maine.

12: 52: I will consider only 1 thought Bruce Springsteen fanatic jon stewart and Chris Christie may agree that's the actual fact that the outlaw pete song that's pretty embarrassing. they're each true.

13: 03: blam formally begins, live from the warehouse location that's unbroken confidential. saw Yankovic on stage and secure to unveil a metric buttload of Bonnaroo players over consequent hour. in one space, lack of mensuration blame a conspiracy nut as on barack obama.

13: 06: we have a tendency to met our volunteer phone bank and head Bonnaroo description of social media, kevin Zuckerberg (see, as a result of he was sporting hoodie mourners Mark Zuckerberg). tried comedy. Yankovic, these matters will quickly perceive the south, threw section sigh digital camera with google+: the outline, right?

13: 07: between living google+ named fabric. definitely he.

01: 11: Yankovic particularly entitlements vamping no tomorrow, further as lighting director simply takes cues from Coltrane solo or a case. this space that's on the set, man.

01: 20: Mumford & Sons reveal 1st headliners that is, evaluated through posters justin bieber fan and imaginary being ride (I'm not kidding). presumptively certain by contract, Mumford boy band past muttering some pre-recorded comedy.

Mumford & Sons - the road to red rocks
13: 21: we have a tendency to met Prince Rupert Bonnaroo declared toy, that poops out the name of the band and straightaway CII options well-liked at the event with the full.

01: 23: Portugal. man united look to try and do thus with Yankovic on accordion. apparently, they conjointly gain a replacement section only for live streaming.

13: 28: Yankovic trial, however we've got bother tehnis, and you'll be able to not hear his voice (audio engineer most likely asleep?). live streaming befits the dark road to the proper confusion scramble. there's no truth within the rumor Yankovic able to escape through the toilet window throughout the break.

13: 36: name r. Kelly disclosed when lap one piece of cake. maybe no joke here.

r. kelly - once a person is
01: 40: fabric back you recognize that ballad maker can headline. Yankovic did some spoken-word bit descriptions of sharks and crocodiles. Jimmy Fallon saw with a tent. I even have a dream that begins with the ugly equal live.

01: 42: Yankovic strives to egest toy beat him to death. don't get angry as a result of you get overwhelmed by papier mache, dude.

13: 45: as luck would have it, the outline of packing quarter-hour early Yankovic inform him conjointly checked out Bonnaroo so ECM with Portugal. the person on simple Canada. Prince Rupert egest toy is gloomy is broken at the instant and droop limp from the emergency step. i do know that feeling. when around, I simply see an entire.

what does one assume Bonnaroo lineup description? allow us to grasp within the comments below!

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