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Looks Like a Ordinary Tree, It Turns out This Tree Is a 'Killer' is Very Dangerous

Perhaps you have often heard about predator plants such as Venus Flytrap or semar bag.

However, the plant is only able to kill small animals such as insects, etc.

Then have you ever heard of a killer tree that every part is capable of killing even a human being?

It may be rare, but such a tree is true. It is spread over several places in the United States.

For example this one tree.

His name is the Manchianeel Tree. This tree is found along the southern coast of Florida, the coast of the Caribbean and in South America.

Part of this tree is a deadly killer
If you meet this kind of tree you should go as far as possible from this tree.

Indeed from his form he looks harmless.

However, this tree is really deadly and there are some restrictions you should not do on this tree.

Just like you touch this tree or eat the fruit of this tree that looks like a fruit with a very sweet taste.

Even the Spanish explorers who found this tree dubbed it the "little apple of death."

Part of this tree is a deadly killer

It is reported that one bite of this little fruit can cause tremendous pain, and in many cases even death.

Not only the fruit, the whole part of this tree is a deadly weapon from the skin, wood, until the leaves.

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You also should not take shelter under this tree. Because rain water that drips and through this tree seems to have terkontanminasi deadly poison.

Furthermore, these toxic droplets can injure the skin and cause injury throughout the body.

Part of this tree is a deadly killer
Then another danger is never to use wood from this tree as firewood.

Smoke from burning trees can cause severe skin and eye irritation. It can even be fatal if smoke is inhaled.

Part of this tree is a deadly killer
The main toxin found in the deadly Manchineel Tree is called Phorbol.

This poison will create a severe allergic reaction, in every infected person.

However, it is still a small part, the tree was mentioned to contain a variety of other types of toxins that have not even been recognized.