Ini Alasan Ahmad Dhani Dan Mulan Jameela Ganti Nama

Ahmad Dhani and Mulan Jameela officially changed their names respectively. Their request has been granted by the panel of judges at the South Jakarta District Court on Thursday (26/7).

Both have their own reasons for wanting to run in the legislative candidates (caleg) 2019 election in their respective regions.

"Ahmad Dhani Ahmad Dhani My name is Dhani Ahmad Prasetyo, but I think Ahmad is right in front," said Ahmad Dhani when met at the South Jakarta District Court, Thursday (26/7).

"It could be like that (pencalegan), so that this clearer voter is Ahmad Dhani, I am in Jatim 1, Gerindra," continued Dhani.

While the name change Mulan also with the same reason.

"Yes, mbak Mulan kan nyaleg also From Garut through Gerindra," added Dhani.

Ahmad Dhani felt the number of artists who nominate themselves as legislative candidates is a natural thing.

"It's up to them if they're in politics to be expensive, it's okay." Halal-kosher artists can be expensive in scaling, but if I'm not, "added Dhani.