Kisruh dengan Fatin Shidqia, Iis Dahlia Seret Nama Rossa

Chaotic with Fatin Shidqia, Iis Dahlia Drag Rossa Name
Iis Dahlia name later became a public discussion after his video when a jury when audition for talent singer dangdut talent show, KDI reap cons. At that time Iis Dahlia accused of having dampened the expectations of an audition participant.

The reason, Iis and other jurors when it impressed just look as the main appearance before assessing the sound quality of participants. Viral video is also a lot of comments including Fatin Shidqia Lubis.

Fatin thought it was not good. However, what response Fatin immediately greeted with a statement called cornering. There is a stupid word aka stupid pinned on Fatin Shidqia.

Regarding the chaos, Iis Dahlia spoke up. "I teach my children courtesy to anyone, not as a senior junior yes, but to the elderly," said Iis Dahlia at Studio Trans TV, Mampang Prapatan area, South Jakarta, Thursday (26/7/2018).

According to Iis Dahlia, Fatin did not do kroscek against the actual video. Young singer dropped X Factor was actually participate post a comment without clear evidence. He only joins netizens who have been trapped in video clips.

This senior pedangdut adds as a person who knows close to Rossa, Fatin should as well find out how to contact him. Then when you want to reprimand, directly done not in public space.

"Moreover, he's his son Rossa, I'm his best friend Rossa, so can ask my number then contact me, just say aja," he continued.

Regarding some artists who also commented on how to criticize the appearance of participants named Waode Sofia, Iis Dahlia relaxed. "Many are looking for stage, my stage is only for KDI," said Iis Dahlia.