Viral Pertengkaran 2 Sahabat, gara-gara Tak Terima Ibunya Disebut Sudah Tak 'P3r4w4n'

Not Accepting His Mother Called Not To Be V1rg1n, The Friend's Dispute Viral
For some women virginity is a sacred thing. Included in our country is very strong with the culture of eastern. Virginity has a very sacred meaning.

Many people tell their daughters to keep their virginity until marriage. Especially in the midst of free sex as it is today.

Therefore, this girl named Dewi S *** is furious when a friend makes fun of her mother is not a virgin anymore.

According to him, it is an insult, though only a joke.

Their argument continued into social media. Women who do not accept his mother made a mockery, upload status about it.

Visible from screenshoot conversations in Facebook Messenger posted by instagram account @ drama.sosialmedia.

"Auto hostility," he wrote in the post.
But if we observe and examine further, what is said friend Dewi S *** is indeed a fact. Every woman who has given birth, certainly not a virgin anymore.

Imagine if still a virgin, How can the goddess S *** be born? Hmm ... How do you think the best way to explain this to Dewi S ***?