Viral Wanita Cantik Jualan Nasi Uduk dan Lontong Sayur, Bikin Nelan Ludah!

Viral Woman Beautiful Sale Nasi Uduk and Lontong Vegetable, Make Nelan Ludah!

SALES food vendors are always dominated by middle-aged women. But not with a shop in the city of Medan, there are women with beautiful cigarette lontong selling vegetables and rice uduk. Curious?

Her name is Dyna Zoraya Lubis. Despite being beautiful, he was not embarrassed to sell breakfast at a roadside stall. Dyna always welcomes customers with a smile.

Every Sunday morning, he sells breakfast for the customers. When you see it, not only make swallowing, but make you feel at home for long in the shop.

One morning she was selling purple pajamas. He seemed to serve the buyer shrewdly. Starting from scooping the side dish to put in the package, until he wraps the food neatly.

From a video uploaded by Titan Production, he seems deft to serve buyers. That time he wrapped a portion of vegetable lontong Medan complete his side dish.

Inside the video, there is a friend who replied himself.

"What are you selling, cleverly wrapped," said the woman's voice from the back.

"Find the money bu, bu rich," Dyna replied.

Diintip Okezone through Instagramnya account, Dyna apparently participated in selling Lontong Medan Bu Ani is quite famous. A serving of food consists of sliced ​​lontong, vermicelli, pumpkin vegetable sauce, and eggs. The color is red, which means spicy teasing.

"Make that in Medan, already know is the name Lontong Medan endul (delicious) .Grand order," the contents of captions in Instastory.

Well, if you want to taste, the shop is located at Jalan Gaperta Ujung (after Salon Yuliza). Every morning the stall is open and can certainly meet with Dyna.