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Know About French Legal Alcohol Limit to Pass an Ethylotest

Do you know what the legal alcohol limit in France is? The answer is of utter importance as if you are caught by the police while driving car in a drunken state and if it is evident that you crossed the limits, you will be arrested and be charged with driving in an intoxicated state. The higher the percentage of alcohol in your blood, the more intense will be the penalties imposed. So you need to know the France legal alcohol limit beforehand which is at or below 0.5 g/1 litre of blood or 0.25 mg per breath in order to get passed through the Ethylotest. Moreover, you must know what the pertinent laws for measuring the alcohol percentage in your blood are so that you well keep away from the penalties and fines. There are hundreds of Breathalyzer products currently available in the market but you must know what the aftermaths could be if you refuse an Alcootest and why you should carry a breathalyzer with you whenever you visit a late night party or a cocktail dinner.

It is a uniform rule across France to ask drivers for an alcohol percentage test. French government has adopted the new legal limit of late with an aim to curb accidents on highways that are pretty common occurrences on weekends and festive times. As mentioned earlier, the level of penalties and fines are determined by the percentage of alcohol in blood. You can not refuse an Ethylotest at all times. If you do so, you will be taken in police custody and compelled to go through urine or blood test. Once the result is out and if it shows that you are in the wrong according to the laws, you will be instantly arrested. The consequences thereafter are harsh and should be avoided at any cost.

The legal limit for alcohol in blood is applicable to private car drivers. People who drive public vehicles have to abide by more stringent guidelines and laws. Pilot's allowable alcohol level also differs from the limit designated for public vehicle drivers. Whichever category you belong to, you must pass the Alcootest in order to stave off fines and imprisonment.

You can test the alcohol level on your own with the help of a digital breathalyzer. These are devices used for measuring Blood Alcohol Content or BAC from a sample breath. Breathalyzer origin dates back to 1927 when a woman named Emil Bogen used a football bladder for estimating the percentage of alcohol in her breath. Smith and Wasson initiated commercial production of Breathalyzers. On today's date, a number of French companies offer these devices.

However, when looking for a good Ethylotest device online, you should always refrain from sites who offer duplicate and substandard devices. Always look for devices that really comply with the French standards and can become instrumental in testing the percentage of alcohol in your breadth. Keep in mind that you must not break the related laws for your own sake and for others.